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short blonde tomboy hairstyle with black under color
How Is Your Inner Tomboy?
Tomboy hairstyles may be slightly androgynous but this goes not stop you styling them fancy or chic. First off all women who prefer casual styles want them easy to manage and maintain.

Many times, these styles are referred to “tomboy hairstyles”. These tomboy hairstyles are often short, sexy, and right on point.

However, there are styles that are medium to long length for tomboys as well. Here, we will review one particular tomboy style. This style has been worn by many notable names, like KD Lang.

Why Tomboy Hairstyles Work

They allow your facial shape to be accurately displayed.  While accenting and bringing out certain facial features. Such as your luscious lips and those beautiful eyes.

All the while, this hairstyle is easy to create, manage throughout the day, and maintain over a certain period of time.

kd lang style tomboy hair
Miss Chatelaine Is A Tomboy
As you may know choosing a hairstyle is a very personal endeavor. There are many things to consider when selecting that “perfect” fit.

One of the first things is the facial shape. There are hairstyles that are appropriate for the square, oval, oblong, triangular, round, and heart shaped face. We took undercut hairstyles from the men and added just enough girl for any tomboy. Why? The undercut can flatter every face shape.

In addition to face shape, the most dominant facial features must be carefully considered too:
  • Which feature do you want highlighted?
  • What feature stands out the best?
  • Do you know your comfort level when it comes to maintenance?
short spiky tomboy hairstyle
All of these things must be thought out prior to selecting a particular style. Do you want a quick, easy style that will bring out your features without any hassle?  I cannot confirm the great  KD Lang is a tomboy. But if she is, KD is the queen of them all.

kd lang tomboy hairstyle
And Ever

Try KD Lang's "Tomboy Hairstyle"

First get the short haircut. It is important that the bangs are left at least to the length of the eyes. The bangs make up the majority of the thickness of this particular tomboy hairstyle.

It is important to ensure that you wash and condition your hair. This will help to provide a “bounce” that makes this particular style work. As well use a lightweight conditioner to help add shine to you hair.

Next, apply a sculpting gel to your hair and rub mousse through as well. This will help hold the style once you have put it into place.

You should then part the hair to the right hand side. Once this step is completed, you will want to take the hair dryer and blow dry on the underside of the part. This will help to add height and volume to the style.

The left side of the hair should be blown in an underside manner as well. This will provide the “winged” effect as in KD Lang's style above.

Once the hair drying has been completed, it is time to apply hairspray. However, before taking this step, it is important to take just a few strands of your bangs and pull them down over your face. This will add to the effect by making it look comfortable, careful, and relaxed.

As you can see, Miss Lang's hairstyle is quite easy to style. It only takes a few minutes to create this fun and relaxed look. And it is quite easy to maintain.

Are you tired of the hassles associated with complicated, medium to long length hairstyles? If so try tomboy hairstyle on for size. You are sure to be impressed with the results.

tomboy hairstyle for thick hair
Tomboy Cuts Work For All Hair And Girl Types

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