Pink Hair Color Almost Fifty Shades Of Pink Attitude

pink hair color

Pink hair color comes from combining shades of red and white. As Miley Cyrus said, “Pink isn't just a color. It’s an attitude. Not only do we agree, Miley Cyrus truly is a rose by any other name.

First of all pink is any of a group of colors from bluish-red to red in hue. These can be medium to high in lightness, and of low to moderate saturation. When we combine the bluish reds and reds we have a bouquet of pink hair color.

First somewhere between pale baby blush and vivid --- is your pink hair color. Second is your attitude.

Be In The Pink

pinks pink highlights
Let Pink Showcase Your Outgoing Personality

At the present time, great numbers of women have come to realize something. For hair just as with makeup is meant to be fun. As a result of your hair, you can showcase both your outgoing personality and attitude. A belief of girls who wear alternative styles such as choppy punk.

Now you can achieve this through fun color. Not only is pink a funky, fabulous shade to wear. It can be the best hair color for fun. There are so many different shades of pink that you can wear in fashion hairstyles.

Playing With Pink

singer pink vs harajuku pink
Sweet Lolitas Do Not Play With Pink

When you play in pink you can choose anything. From a soft, pastel baby pinks. To say nothing of manic hot, deep pinks. And of course everything in between. Equally important pink hair dye color can be mixed for the exact shade you want by a stylist.

The different ways you style your hair will also showcase your smashing pink color. Therefore giving you the exact look you want. Add pink to short Pixies or to Classics such as A-Line Bobs.

Are you bold or tomboyish? Then try a solid shade of shockingly perfect pink. Perhaps you are on the more demure side? a tiny touch of pink may be the only focal point that you need.

If you fall into this category, you can opt to just tint your bangs a soft pink hue. Or, you can choose select pieces of your tresses to dye a pastel pink color.

Tips For Pink Hair Color

Maybe for some, it is all about the tips. Pink ends are where it’s at for those who like a sassy touch to their style.

What an interesting way to get noticed. Especially when you wear your hair back into a high ponytail. Or trendy hairstyles where your ends become a focus of attention.

Pink hair suits virtually any hairstyle that you want. Most important pink hair looks fantastic regardless of the length or texture.

No Pink Allowed

singer pinks hair color even has attitude
Did You Say No Pink allowed?

Although pink hair can be somewhat daring, it can still be worn to a variety of places. Just make certain however that you check with your boss ahead of time.

Ensure that it is okay to sport pink hair at work. You can always opt to use a washout or temporary pink color on the weekends. A good choice if your employer will not allow a shade of pink hair at the office.

Go To The Pros For Pink Hair Coloring

pink and hair color an be bold
Willow Colors My Hair And I Like It. Thanks.

Your pink hair color can be done professionally. Visit your stylist to have the work done or a hair color specialist. The only downside of this option? You will have to pay someone else to do the work for you.

However, that is often the best choice when you want to ensure that your color turns out perfectly pink.

Not sure that you want to commit to a permanent pink hue in your hair? As mentioned you can try a wash out color in your favorite pink shade.

Or, you can even purchase temporary pink extensions for a fabulous faux style. You can color your hair pink at home if you desire.

Pink Hair Color On Dark Hair

pink color can be demure
Excuse Me, My Hair Is Naturally Pink

Pinks for darker hair can be slightly harder to achieve. As with any other brilliant colors such as Purples, you need to bleach your hair out first. Sometimes twice or even three times.

After bleaching out you will then apply the pink shade of your choice. Then allow it to remain on according to the box’s suggestions.

After coloring, you will need to apply a deep conditioner.  Do avoid shampooing your hair for at least a week. Then a bit of color and a toothbrush is all that you need for touch-ups.

In conclusion, the most important thing is to have fun playing with and sporting your new pink hair color. As you can see by my hair color examples below, your hair color choices are almost endless.

Blink For Soft Pink ~ Hair Color

soft baby pink hair color
Pink For Girls Who Ride Unicorns

Soft Baby Pink

Every Fairytale must have a happy ending. If not you write your own and paste it in the back cover of the book. You ride a Unicorn to work.

multicolored salmon pink highlights
The Unpredictable Pinks

Multicolored Salmon Pink Highlights

You are not a member of this family, you are the creator of it. You are unpredictable and spontaneous. You are ready to try anything and the word combination is important to you. You are unpredictably pink.

Romantic Rose Pink Hair
The Last True Rose

Romantic Rose Pink Hair Color

You will be the last of the true romantics. You believe everything deserves roses. Everyone you know. Every room in the house. But, you could not grow a rose if your life depended on it.

cotton candy pink hair
You Own 4 Cotton Candy Machines

Cotton Candy Pink Hair Color

You would eat spun sugar for breakfast and live in your white sneakers. The highlight of your year is when the carnival comes to town

lemonade pink hair
The Ultimate Pink Bedhead

Lemonade Pink Hair Color

When you get there, you get there. You do not own a watch or a calendar. You do not care where your comb or brush is. Life is good as long as you have pink in your hair. When life throughs you lemons, you just make more pink lemonade.

combination baby and watermelon pink hair
You Cannot Commit.

Combination Baby And Watermelon Pink Hair

Boxes of Baby and Watermelon pink hair color lined the shelf. In 1 hour you could not decide between them. It took you 2 hours to decide to buy and color your hair using both.

ballet slipper pink hair color
You Bought Ballet Slippers To Watch Black Swan

Ballet Slipper Pink Hair Color Can Be A Surprise

You only show your soft romantic side to one person. He is the one who bought the tickets for Black Swan. You own 9 pairs of Ballet slippers and you do not dance.

pink carnation hair shade
Forever Growing Carnations

We Know You By Your Carnation Pink Hair

Your heart and time is in your garden. Growing every color of pink Carnation you can find. Friends know you well. They give you seed packets for Christmas gifts.

short lavender pink hair
Please Pass The Fun

Short Lavender Pink Hair

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun was a song, to you, it is your life's motto. Nothing comes between you and fun. Nothing.

very soft pink amerath hair
All Amaranth Matters

Very Soft Pink Amerath Hair

You are on the front lines of every worthy protest. You have adopted 3 dogs and 4 cats. You size up everyone you meet for a charitable donation. 

pastel hues of taffy pink and amerath hair color
Your Strength Is Your Deep Thoughts

Pastel Hues Of Taffy And Amaranth Pink Hair Color

You are strong-minded and a force to be dealt with. You are always deep in thought about how to be stronger. Pastel is just your front.

pastel lavender pink hear
You Have Their Pink People Call Your Pink People

Pastel Lavender Pink Hair

Company policy states that you can not wear fashion hair colors to the office under any circumstances. However, you do. It is your company and you wrote the policy. You believe pink power is fun. It is the only real fun you have. That and growing 5 acres of lavender.

pink punch hair color
Please Pass The Punch

Pink Punch Hair Color

You have over 100 recipes for pink punch. You hold punch parties weekly. Also, you are the Pinterest punch recipes, Queen.

pastel salmon hair color
You Are The Girl With The Pink Tattoos

Pastel Salmon Hair Color

Not everybody makes it into your circle. You have had the same BFF since you were 2. That was the first time you looked in a mirror and met her.

soft shade sof flamingo and cerise hair color
You Know Pink Is Not A Stereotype Color

Shades Of Flamingo And Cerise Pink

Nor are you a stereotype. When you break the rules you set trends. Friends and relatives ask you for your autograph constantly.

mysterious french rose pink hair colors
You Have A Dark Mysterious Side

Mysterious French Rose Hair Color

You stayed at the edge of the lighter pinks. You know your next visit to your color specialist will be for all over dark plum or magenta. 

pink for dark hair on a budget
You Did Not Have Enough Bleach

Pink For Dark Hair On A Budget

They said for longer shoulder-length hair to buy 2 boxes. Your budget is tight this month so you could only buy one. Hence you have streaks instead of all over pink. 

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