Mod Hairstyles, The Mod Bobs For Today's Women

purple mod hairstyle

Mod hairstyles have been making a comeback for several years now. First, we have been witnessing a return of some mod styles that were popular many years ago.

Second, the new mod hairstyles have an exciting twist for the modern times that we live in. The 1960s are thankfully not an exception to this unspoken hair recycling rule.

Bobs and page boys were much sought after looks in the 60s. Likewise, these styles are still going strong in present times. But with a new flair towards the dramatic.

The 1960s Mod Hairstyles

Above all the mod bob hairstyle captures the ease and beauty of the pageboy. With the versatility and simplistic beauty of blended together with a modern touch.

Another terrific element to this hairstyle is that it is practically perfect for all hair types. Also, you can modify this style to work with your hair. Whether your locks are thick or fine.

mod hairstyle with thick hair
The Thicker The Better

Perhaps very straight hair does work best with the mod look. As the finished look is sleek. Just as with the classic A-Line bobs it was all straight and smooth.

However, with curly or wavy hair you just need a little styling time. As well as a few hair products and tools. You then can wear this updated retro, mod hairstyle if you so desire.

1960s Mod Hairstyles Are For Modern Women

For the simple reason that modern women need hairstyles to suit their lives. Therefore it is incredibly important to have a fabulous hairstyle.

One that can take them through every moment of the day. Also making certain they always look their best.
side view of auburn mod hairstyle
Mod Hair Does Not Have A Boring Side

That, however, does not mean that you want a boring cut. Or one that is out of place at the office.
After all, a cookie-cutter haircut is not something that most women feel happy with. Instead, these hairstyles give you the freedom to look great. But never compromising individual flair.

Cutting The Mod Hairstyle

Although there are of course countless retro hairstyles that you can choose. The style that the model is wearing will give you a base idea to work from.

This hot retro hairstyle takes very little time for your stylist. What is more even less time for you to shape into the height of hair fashion each day.

The classic mod styles were rounded and curved. But today they are being cut with a few asymmetrical lines.

Ask your stylist to give you a cut that is the same length in the front and on the side. Your bangs will be long and fall to past your brows.

iconic mod hairstyle
Mod Is 60s Iconic

This hairstyle does not make use of layers as you want your hair to be sleek with little movement. As the model has done, you can opt to have select strands left long. Either on the sides and or back of your head for flair and drama.

Men also want to know how to get a mod haircut. Men's 1960s mod hairstyles range from the layered Liam Gallagher look to the Beatles groovy mods.

Mod Hairstyles Can Take Color

Another exceptional way to make your style stand out is through the use of color. For example, this model has an interesting all over red hue to her hair. Also, color blocking and highlights work great with Mod hairstyles.

fashion color mod hairstyle
Mod Made For Color

Additionally giving her a look with an extra amount of shine. Make use of color to really create a hair statement. Explore the Pinks and Purples.

Mod Hairstyles, Modern Ideas, And Sixties Inspiration

The Modern Mod

Mod Is Vogue And I Am All About Vogue

mod hair with jagged bangs
Mod Let's Me Keep My Jagged Bangs

modern mod hairstyle idea
The New Mod Generation

modern and mod hairstyle
Mod Let's Me Keep My Jagged Thoughts

womens mod hairstyle
The New Sixties Woman

modern mod hairstyle
Mod Goes With My Turtleneck Collection

mod hairstyle with choppy bangs
Mod Is Easy Wash And Wear Protest Hair. I Protest Anything After The 60s

The Classic Mod Styles

being mod
Mod Is An Attitude

round lines of mod hairstyle
We Do Not Talk About What Happened In The Sixties

blonde hair with mod hairstyle
So What Did You Do In The Sixties?

dark mod hair with red highlights
It Was Britain, They Were Young

speak no mod
Youth Is Not a Modern Excuse

rounded mod hair
They Just Wanted To Keep Things Rounded Out

the mod cut
Some Of Us Paid A High Price For Mod

Mod Hairstyles For Your Lifestyle

do not mess with 60s mod hairstyles
Because I Pole Dance Mod

feminine mod hairstyle
Because Mod Has A Feminine Side

retro mod glasses with hair
Because Mod Works With My Retro Sunglass Collection

pole dancing in a mod hair style
Because I Want To Pole Dance Too

is this farrah fawcett in a mod hairstyle
Because I Thought This Was A "Farrah Fawcett"

mod hairstyle 1960
Because Mod Works For My Face Shape

My Views On Mod Hairstyles

front view of mod hairstyle
Mod Let's Me Face Life Looking Forward

mod hairstyle on redhead side view
I Keep A Mod View On Everything

warm auburn mod hair
I Side With Mod, You Can Keep Your Curves

short mod hairstyle side view
I Never Follow Straight Lines

Why Teens Love Mod Hair

teens mod hairstyle
Mod Brings Out My Inner Twiggy

cute mod hairstyle
Mod Is Fun

The Mod Style For Hair
Mod In The 1960 Emo

Mod Can Go To Grad

Add Mod Makeup If You Must

60s mod hair and makeup
In The Sixties We Did Not Want Diamonds, We Wanted Eyeliner

60s makeup with mod hair
It Was Hip To Line Everything

Mod Makeup And Hairstyle
Back To The Sixties With Fake Eyelashes

Don't Leave Mad, Just Leave Mod

mod hairstyles remain classic
Me Mad?

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