Half Up Half Down Prom Hairstyles Perfectly Elegant For On Trend Prom Dresses

prom queen
Prom Queen No Voting Needed

Half up half down prom hairstyles or half down half up?  Whatever you call these partial updos they are a perfect choice for prom night.

First of all your Prom is a special night. So it goes without saying you want the latest and hottest hairstyle of 2018. Be picture perfect in your Illusion Prom gown or dress. Ultimately these sleek body conscious designs will demand the perfect updo.

Also these half up half down Prom hairstyles are perfect if you want the fairytale prom experience. Since these styles just wait for a princess ball gown.

curly side swept half up half down hairstyle
Once Upon A Prom Night

Therefore it goes without saying that you want a spectacular look. A half up half down Prom hairstyle with ringlets is the perfect long hairstyle. For your Grad, Prom, or Homecoming.

Second these gorgeous hairstyles will complement virtually any style of gown you may be wearing to your Grad. However, just picture your long curly locks cascading down your back in an off the shoulder gown.

soft curly cascading half up hairstyle
Elegant Attitude

Every eye will be on you and your spectacular half up half down hairstyle. Always remember to make sure that you practice your Prom hairstyle at home a few times before your big night.

End The Night With Soft Curls

Some of these glamorous and sophisticated updo styles feature somewhat of a side swept bang. Create a romantic look by finishing the ends in soft curls.

Add Your Touch To Half Up Half Down Prom Hairstyles

And some feature ringlets, curls, and braids you can modify any of the styles. Crimping is another styling option if you are not into curls.

half up long curly prom hairstyle with victory rolls
Make A Statement With Overstated Victory Rolls

Also you can modify the bangs to work with whatever style you prefer. Victory bangs and rolls continually go to Prom each yea with the girls who love retro styles.

If possible, wash your hair the day before Prom instead of the actual day. As curl will hold better. After washing, set your damp locks on small rag, foam or spiral rods. This creates an abundance of tiny curls.

Now view this collection of half up half down Prom hairstyles. And see just how much impact an elegant  half up half down hairstyle can have.

Half Up Half Down Prom Hairstyle Styling Steps

curly half up half down prom hairstyle
This Half Up Half Down Prom Hairstyle Is Easy To Style And Modify
  1. First a comb to gather all of the hair on either side of your head above the ears. Now pull into a half ponytail that rests high on the crown of your head.
  2. Next join this hair to form a very tight angled ponytail. Now take your 2nd finger of your right hand. Placing 1 1/2 inches below the new half ponytail base on top of the ponytail.
  3. Fold the entire half pony up towards the ceiling and over your finger forming a small loop. Secure the new hair loop in place.
  4. Still holding the new hair loop use bobby pins to secure the top of the loop in place. Remove your fingers and flatten the loop softly against your head.
  5. Carefully pin the bottom of the loop. This allows the ringlets to lift higher up at the back of your crown.
  6. Hold the ringlets with a pinned seam.  So that the ringlets gently cascade down your remaining hair. Carefully clip this cascading hair out of the way.
  7. Dive the remaining hair from the bottom into two equal sections. With a part straight down the middle.
  8. Next pull first one and then the other section of the two bottom hair sections. Pulling up and over the half pony section. So that your hair is now up near the base of the half pony. Secure each section once in position.
  9. Pin each section of the bottom hair sections. Allowing the ringlets to cascade down from the base of the first half pony. You can remove the clips now.
  10. Follow by using your fingers to blend and merge the hair together. Blend in with the ringlets from the bottom sections of your hair.

Finishing Touches

Allow long sections to cascade in tendrils down around your face. But if you prefer your tendrils to have tighter curl use a small barreled curling iron.

Finish off by misting with hair shine. Optional, spritz with hairspray for long lasting hold.

Hair Accessories For Half Up Half Down Hairstyles

These partial up hairstyles will look gorgeous with ornamental clips. Embellish with sparkling beaded accents or delicate lace to match a Illusion Prom dress.

Dramatic beadwork or dazzling sequins embellish many of these popular illusion dresses. Simply compliment the metallic fabrics with your hair accessories.

half up with braid half down with big curls prom hairstyle
Follow The Braids With Flowers

Also you could use fresh flowers to decorate any of these half up half down Prom hairstyles. But do wait just before you leave for your Prom before adding. As this ensures your flowers stay fresh for as long as possible.

Dresses To Wear Half Up Half Down Prom Hairstyles With

Furthermore you can wear these half up half down Prom hairstyles for formal and special occasions during any holiday season.

All Back Prom Hairstyle With Back Fishtail braids
Match A Poofy Top With Fishtail Braids

Not to mention semi formal dances or as a Bridesmaid or wedding guest. You will find a partial hairstyle on-trend and perfect for your occasion.

high all back half updo with curls
Create The Illusion Of Height With This Curly Half Up Style

Maybe you are wearing a short semi formal dress or a long formal dress with an illusion top? Perhaps a unique designer print creation? For a dress with a bright bold print try a spiked updo?

The 2018 on trend illusion? Or a dainty lace gown with sleeves or a sexy strapless cocktail dress?. Truly these hairstyles will have you picture perfect.

Elegant but a bit ratty prom half up half down hairstyle
The Strapless And Backless Prom Dress Has Met It's Hairstyle Match.

Not only that but any one of these hairstyles will give you a special spotlight-stealing look. And for any occasion you want to make sensational.

Half up half down smooth sleek prom hairstyle
Style smooth Confidence With A Sleek Half Up Roll

Most important it does not matter what you are reading in fashion magazines. As the right hairstyle for you is the one that will make you feel confident.

Half Up Half Down Prom Hairstyles Say Updo In Elegant Style

Though you may not be rocking the red carpet. Definitely you can rock these styles at Prom night.  To be sure hairstyles with elegant vibes to compliment your dress style.

unique half up half down prom hairstyle
Maybe Not This Flirtatious....

Even if you sew your own fit and flare skirt, you will a girl who is twirl ready. Be flirtatious and have fun. Of course heads are turning as well in your direction. You are Prom Queen.

prom queen hairstyle
All Curls, Pearls, And Bows, The Look Of A Prom Queen

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