Crimped Updo For Unique Elegance

crimped african american unique updo
Unique And Elegant
This crimped updo is a unique elegant way to style your long hair. An updo with crimps is becoming quite uniquely popular. Especially to those who are seeking an ornate hairstyle.

First off  this you can wear this stunning style to all your formal and social events. Such as weddings, professional social parties, and even to proms. As the grad or the chaperon.

Unique updos are an extremely popular style for social events that require a certain amount of glamour. As well as overall class. Perhaps pair this crimped updo with your formal black dress?

Second, you can wear this crimped updo to informal basis as well. Pairing up with your favorite pair of jeans or even a sundress.

This style is great for younger women looking for a trendy Grad hairstyle or any aged gal looking for an updo on the funkier side.

Due to the fact that the black crimped updo is relatively flexible overall. Do you want to try the beautiful look of this model featured? Simply follow the styling methods listed below to create this magnificent hairstyle.Then you can flaunt this trendy look for yourself.

Preparing Your Hair For A Crimped Updo

1. The first step in creating this black crimped updo is to shampoo your hair so that it will be clean and shiny.

You will want to avoid shampoo products that strip out all of the moisture from your hair. As this will leave it dry and appearing quite dull.

You should search for shampoo types that work to replenish the natural oils in your hair. You want your hair to be manageable, easy to style, and beautifully shiny.

2. Once your hair has been thoroughly cleansed, it is important to remember that it is weak when it is wet.

For that reason never rub your hair dry. Although you should squeeze your hair gently to remove excess water.

If you have damaged hair, it is important to implement the use of a reconstructor to assist in healing and repairing your hair.

3. When your hair is damp avoid combing or brushing the product through your hair until it is completely dry. Doing so may result in further damage and breakage.

Who Could Own This Crimped Updo?

alicia keys with hands behind her neck
Who Else But Alicia Keys

Styling This Crimped Updo

1. Now, once your hair is dry, you are ready to style. Simply take a wide tooth comb and sweep the majority of your natural hair to the left side.

As you sweep it to the left side, be certain that you do so in such a way that the majority of the hair is is lightly tucked behind your ears.

2. Now, you will want to attach your hair piece to the back of your hair to add the height. This can be pretty much any style that you want. Just so long as it rounds off  or poufs at the top. Also this will help to define your strong facial features.

3. Once your hair piece is in place, you will want to search for a piece of it that is long and crimped. Then attach it to the bottom and to the top hair piece.

As well as to the backside of your hair. This will give the illusion that it is all one piece and will allow your updo to appear natural. Now, will it be your little black dress or your ripped jeans?

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Good Luck With That!

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