Color Block Your Hair In Boldly In Ombre

color block you hair

Color block your hair, from short styles to shoulder length and beyond. Of course, switching up your hair color is the easiest way to give your look a lift.

Also, it can be the most dramatic. Not to mention color blocking your hair is a great way to keep current. With trends and the changing of the seasons.

For one thing, fashion has taken a turn towards color-blocked styles. While makeup and manicures have also followed suit. As well as right down to the nail polish. Now color-blocked hair is the hottest new way to be on the color trends.

What Is Block Color?

Color blocking lets you color outside the lines of conventional hair color. Even if you do not have the hair-coloring skills of a pro.

Simply this hair color technique respects a cut and style. Your choice of colors is endless. Limited only by your own personnel creativity and interpretation of trends.

color blocking inspiation
Be Inspired Subtly With Boldness

Color block your hair for a natural makeover in natural tones. Or go for the extravaganza, a creative makeover using avant-garde fashion tones.

Dimensional color hair reflects your individuality and personality. Not all hair coloring can easily achieve that goal.

There is no exact must follow patterns or diagrams for block hair color. While the block color hair technique may be consistent, the finished style is your own.

The 2018 trendy are color blocking short hair to waist-length hair. And everything in between. And they are not following any rules.

Do You Want A Dramatic Hair Color Change?

Bold color is nothing new, but this method is something completely different. It certainly borrows some of the edge from the punk rockers of the 80's.  But the overall effect is nothing but modern.

First of all, you do not need to go overboard with all-over color. Perhaps try just dipping the ends of your hair. Consider bright turquoise or fuchsia. Or go softer with lavender.

Streak your bangs with playful bubble gum pink or color solid. These contemporary bright lights have slightly faded and imperfect edges and pop with unexpected placement.

fun coloring blocking diagram
Color Blocking Should Be Fun. Do Not Follow The Diagrams

Yes, You Can Keep Your Color

And there's no need to change your haircut to highlight your hip new color. Try a few strategically placed streaks. Usually not colored all the way to the root. These look stunning peeking out of long, luscious locks.

Certainly more brazen gals can embrace their inner Cruella DeVille. Such as with larger blockier sections. Or painted with brilliant purple hues and even panels. Artfully hidden underneath the top layers of hair.

Or dip your toes in with a few sneaky strands. That is only visible when hair is up in a pretty ponytail.

unique color blocking techniques
What Inspired You
To be sure brands like Manic Panic and Punky Color have long been the go-to brands for wild color. Notably bigger companies like Paul Mitchell and Schwartzkopf have also come on board. 

Featuring their own, high quality and longer wearing versions of Crayola color. Truly fearless fashionistas with lighter locks may have a shot at do-it-yourself-ing.

Do you have dark hair? Will you need to use bleach or a full head lightener? Then consider the help of a pro to color block your hair.

What You Can Use For Color Blocking

There are some very cool new methods for temporarily embracing your inner rocker. Try easy wash-out solutions. Such as eye shadow for the hair.

Kevin Murphy Color Bug is a creamy little pot of pigment available in shades like pink, purple, and orange.

You simply rub these on hair directly from the container. Or worked into strands with your fingers. Now you can build up from subtle to vivid and vibrant.

color blocking patterns
Always Follow Your Own Path And Pattern

Make Up For Ever's Flash Colors offer a wider variety of shades. All with a similar concept. First, you work the color into hair as you like.

Another popular choice is Paul Mitchell's block color techniques. Actually many professionals only will use Paul Mitchell® Professional Hair Color and lighteners.

Then wash it all off when the night is over. Or you can go even easier with a little dab of plain old' colored chalk. As well these products also work great on undercut variations.

Whatever method you choose to color block your hair, seal the color in with a little hairspray. This will help to keep it in place.

Are you down a big change? Or just wanna play dress-up with your color? Then take a cue from hot celebs like Lauren Conrad, Rachel McAdams, Ashley Olsen, and Katy Perry. And get color blocking.
ombre toned color blocked hair
You Decide The Cut, Style, And Tone For Color Blocking Your Hair

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