Choppy Punk Hairstyles

choppy punk hairstyles

Choppy punk hairstyles are basically from the alternative styles family. Highly favored by members of rebellious hair and fashion counterculture groups. But now these members are no longer they only ones wearing them.

Are you wanting to stay on the cutting edge of current hair trends? Simply add a little punk attitude to your hairstyle. This year more than any other is the year of possibilities. And a anything goes attitude for hairstyle fashion.

Spring and summer demand hairstyle change. So what better time to makeover your hairstyle that may be getting a tad boring. Perhaps it is time to add some choppy layers.

What Are Choppy Punk Hairstyles By 2018?

At one time most punk styles reflected a rebellious attitude. As did the clothes and makeup of the time. The punk hairstyles for females expressed this using various angles or spikes.

Also many styles  included geometrical shapes, jagged lines and varied angles. Spikes were worn on both the girls hairstyles as well as the mens punk haircuts.

Styles were completed with bold color combinations and accents. This with the sharper contrasting shapes, lengths and colors did make for rebellious hairstyles. Even in 2018 Purples still are on of the favorite choices for punk hairstyles.

The three most used styles still are Pixies, Mohawks and Faux Hawks. The most extreme beng the Mohawk with its shaved sides.

If this sounds further than where you want to go stay safe. Use choppy layer for a more acceptable style that still has plenty of attitude for 2018.

Are Punk Hairstyles Short, Medium, Or Long?

Actually the answer to that question is all of the above. Among these punk styles you will see choppy layers blended into short, medium, and long hair.

Some of the hairstyles just have the choppy layers cut in the front bangs area. As this is where you can be very unique and create a style that really expresses your attitude. By styling or sections colored for high contrast and accent.

No matter what style of  haircut you choose demand that it can go double duty. Thus allowing you a quick change up for a glam look or a special event.

Also add hair accessories, such as hair bands which will  allow you to create changes for everyday casual wear.

Also you can still create the illusion of an updo. Simply gather your choppy layers up with small barrettes and pins. Then just fan the ends open. Pieced out choppy layers in these hairstyle may also need product.

If you need a more conservative look for everyday just downplay the choppy layers. Then come the weekend bring out your strongest gel. Bring those choppy layers to life with finger styling.

Choppy Punk Haircuts

Finally remember any hairstyle no matter how rebellious punk. Or how conservative should be all about what is in tune with your personality. Also your mood and fitting your lifestyle.

Your goal is not to perfectly mirror the current choppy punk trend. But to take it and mold it to fit you. Most importantly what makes you feel good. Right down to your new choppy layers. Be they rebellious or not.

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