Purple Hair Color, Choose A Shade

wine purple hair color
Purple hair color, do you really need to look at 96 pictures? Find your perfect shade of purple. From bold brilliant shades of plum and orchid.

Or of soft candy pastels hues of Lavender, Mauve or Violet. Even dark hair can wear purple. Highlight it with deep dynamic color, or soft and subtle. Pick an all-over solid color or just your bangs. 

Purple hair color makes for a dramatic entrance. From Kelly Osbourne’s lavender mane to Jessie J’s dynamic purple bob. Many celebrities have dyed their hair shades of purple.

While at first thought purple seems to be an unusual choice of hair color, it is now being worn on trendy styles and classic cuts. Also, it doesn’t take much to see how these dramatic hues accentuate skin tones, eye color and look dazzling.

Who Has Worn Purple In One Or All Shades?

Others who’ve dyed their tresses shades of purple include Katy Perry, Demi Lovato, Ireland Baldwin, Lauren Conrad, Lady Gaga, Nicki Minaj, Lily Allen, Selena Gomez, Perrie Edwards, Kelis, Christina Aguilera, Ashley Tisdale, Vanessa Hudgens, Kesha, Ellie Goulding, and Nicole Richie.

The Beautiful Shades Of Purple Hair Color  

It seems like Celebrities aren’t the only ones who have grown fond of purple hair color. Women and men from various lifestyles are exploring the hues. As they can range from lavender and lilac to amethyst, violet, plum, and magenta.

Either light lavender and hints of mauve to the brilliant tones of magenta. Purple offers many shades to work with. Maybe Fuschia or dynamic Violet is your tone? Purple hair can be subtle or vibrant. Also as suitable for blonde-haired people to those with dark hair.

Bleach For The Truest Purples

However, it is recommended that those who desire purple hair color first bleach.  This will give you a true representation of the color. Natural blondes may not need to bleach their hair first. As well as those with dark hair who simply want a purplish tint or highlights that appear under bright lights or the sun.

If you want a dramatic shade of purple or have your hair pick up the truest representation of the color on the packaging label, bleaching first is a required step.

Find Your Purple Color Personality

There are many reasons why some choose to go with purple hair. The color looks dazzling and daring when correct dyeing methods are used.

Different personality types may be drawn to various hues. Try pastel and candy-colored shades of lavender. Perhaps lilac, mauve, amethyst, and violet are a good choice for those who are more reserved yet want to be noticed. 

Bold, brilliant hues such as magenta, plum and orchid are a good choice for those who tend to be more extroverted. Also on your color list is eggplant and raspberry. 

Below Is A Garden Of Purple Hair Color, Pick One!

Pastel And Candy Color Hues

Choose Lavenders, Mauves, and Violet. In Victorian times the Morning Glory meant to either love or mortality or love in vain. Girls who love these shades also are looking at the new pink colors for hair.

morning glory hair colour hue

Bold Brilliant Hues

Choose shades of Plum, Orchid, or Hydrangea

hydrangea purple hair hue

Purple Hair Color Ideas For Dark Hair

Your choice can be dynamic or soft as subtle as a Rose. Which is often a sign of love at first sight or enchantment.

soft lavender rose hair color
Regardless of the shade or hue, purple is going to get you noticed. It is not a suitable choice for someone who doesn’t like attention. Or being the shy girl who knows she is always the center of a crowd.
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